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May 23, 2014: We need all the prayers we can get. We just picked up the little rejected colt. Will have more info later. Prayer chain needed!

This is the colt in the backseat of my truck. He was rejected by his Mama, had a temp of only 95 degrees for hours after his birth. He was 4 hours old here and finally was able to stand about an hour after we got him home. He is doing great…keep praying for the little guy, and for us, we are exhausted. But this has been worth every minute of lost sleep!

May 23, 2014: Nap time. Please keep those prayers coming, for our new survivor, who we took in today.

May 23, 2014: This is where our rescued colt will sleep tonight.

May 23, 2014: Prayers are working…keep them coming. CAMS ARE UP! Don’t fret, he is resting, after a long walk over. Still waiting for vets…he is drinking, but not quite enough…pooing and urinating. I have left him for all of about 15 minutes today. Kayla and grandma Mary are with him right now so I could help adjust cams and have a pee break! The cam link is

He is not drinking enough because he is weak. Waiting for vets to get here for fluids. I called Last Chance Corral for advice….they were so helpful. Since then he has been drinking more.

Here is a video from earlier. We will keep you all posted. Please keep those prayers and good vibes coming.

May 24, 2014: He is doing well. He had a good walk at 2am and drank 5 oz! Then woke up at 3am and ate 2 oz.

His name is Kikeona — strong fighter. I will call him Kike (Kee Kea) for short. He was born on Friday around 4am. Rowdy is his barn name now.

May 25, 2014: Little Rowdy has a halter!!

May 25, 2014: Little Rowdy is live streaming on cameras 3 and 4 at It is free to join and watch, just find Mea Ola’s Place on the camera list. He is still not out of the woods, and has 24/7 care, and even us sleeping in there with him at night right now.

May 26, 2014: Rowdy took a turn for the worse early this morning. We will be running blood work shortly, changing antibiotic and possibly starting him on fluids later. He had a fever and is very lethargic. Also, owners just came by and signed him over to Mea Ola’s Place.

May 26, 2014: Thank you to all those who have made extra donations recently. Mea Ola’s Place is now the legal owner of Rowdy (as of today) and all of his medical bills will now be borne by us. Your kind generosity is most welcome during these trying times. Plasma has been purchased and we will update you as to Rowdy’s progress.

May 26, 2014: Rowdy, a registered Morgan, was born on Friday, May 23, 2014, a few weeks earlier than expected. There are a few issues that require attention. We have determined that he did get colostrum after he was born, but his Momma quickly rejected him after that. His temperature was below normal for most of his first day of life and we have been addressing his issues with temperature regulation. He has a spinal curvature issue at his withers which may be the cause of his front legs being bowed over at the knee and very stiff through the shoulder; he is down on his pasterns in the rear. He has a low white blood cell count for which he has received fluids and plasma.

His feeding started out slowly and it took almost a full day to get him interested in his bottle, though he is now taking as much as 20 oz a feeding. We may be moving to bucket feeding once he perks up to our satisfaction. For now, the bottle allows us to know how much goat’s milk formula he is getting. B vitamins and 500 mls of fluids have been administered, along with plasma. This morning we ran bloodwork and changed his antibiotic.

The good news is that he is now able to get up and get down on his own and has had a few frisky little walks around his new home. He has marched his sweet self right into our hearts and there he stays.

We are so grateful for those of you who have donated at an extra pace during this trying time. We are also grateful for the supportive comments, prayers and good will being sent our way. There have been so many requests for the proper place to donate and the best way is to use the donate button, right here on (upper left side). Thank you, all, for your continued support.

May 27, 2014: Yesterday was a stressful day and we couldn’t post much. But, along with the other things known about Rowdy’s birth experience, it was learned that his umbilical cord was attached to the placenta after it had come out of the mare, for about an hour! It did not break, so the owner had to cut it. When we got him, it was still about 6 inches long, so it was tied off shorter and cut. It had been in the dirt for several hours because he did not ever stand until he got here. We used beta dine on it several times over the next two days. He could be fighting an infection because of this, and with no white cells to fight it, he needed plasma. We will continue to monitor his blood work and hope that he will need no further plasma transfusions. This is why we keep helping him to lie down, if it goes too long, and why I am adamant that he get every drop of food he needs, etc. We do not want him spoiled, or super-humanized, but right now, the concern is with saving his life. Then, we can worry about the other stuff.

May 27, 2014: He looks pathetic sometimes on cam in his stall, but this is partly why. He gets short jaunts outside every time he wakes up. He is still not stable. He has moments of frisky energy and still requires a lot of rest and TLC. Keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming for our newest SURVIVOR! Thank you!

Rowdy just being one of the boys tonight. He adores Chris and the dogs are his herd at the moment. Chris obviously missed him today!

May 28, 2014: Please note that the cams will be down for a while during Rowdy’s visit with Dr. L. We will update you soon with his progress! Thank you all so much for your love and prayers and continued support!

May 28, 2014:
Here are the wonderful ladies that are giving Rowdy his life sustaining milk! I have been absolutely blessed by the generosity of so many people! Maria, who owns the goats, is a lady I had never met until today, yet when she heard his story, she has graciously been giving us milk every day in return for some feed for the goats! So many people have brought us meals, done errands for us, and have “baby-sat” when we absolutely had to run into town…and even came for us to just get a nap! Feeding a foal is a 24/7 job, and with one in his condition, it is even more demanding. I cannot express my gratitude with words for all of the kind people who have made donations, been here for us and for Rowdy. Thank you all so much. We still need continued prayers and support! Volunteers are SO needed right now, as I am so tied up with Rowdy and the other rescues have been very patient, but they need love and attention too. PLEASE contact us here if you would be interested in becoming a part of Mea Ola’s Place to make a difference in our community, and in the horse world. Ann

May 29, 2014: Rowdy says, “Thanks for cheering me on.” He is such a good, sweet little guy and gets a little stronger every day. Your support means so much. Thank you to all.

Friday, May 30, 2014: Rowdy is eating well today and seems much more alert. He is getting up and down on his own, but is still wearing a wrap on his front leg for support. Limiting movement to walks for a couple more days. Ann will be doing another blood panel today to check his levels. Just taking it one day at a time! Thank you again for your continued prayers and support. This wouldn’t be possible without all of you!

Friday, May 30, 2014: For Rowdy’s one week old birthday, he got to experience a little human! His blood work results all came back normal today! What a little miracle he is…so precious and innocent. He is loved by many around the world and that has been enough to fill the void of the rejection he experienced at birth. Thank you all! He has been such a trooper for all of his treatments and life saving plasma, fluids, etc. His will to live is absolutely what got him through this first week. If you could spare an extra $5 or $10 to help us continue with his care, we sure appreciate every cent. Also, he could surely benefit from a sponsorship. Check this website for details on sponsorships. Please continue the positive thoughts and prayers. He has made amazing progress this week, but has a few more challenges to overcome. With my deepest gratitude, Ann.

May 31, 2014: Sometimes parents just gotta sleep, when taking care of a newborn! This is exhausting and rewarding at the same time. Here is Chris finishing his shift, poor guy.

June 1, 2014: Such a wonderful mare, our Mea Ola! Her mothering instincts are amazing. And who knows? She may help even more in the future…not just with Rowdy.

Rowdy: Week 2 to Week 3

June 14, 2014: Rowdy has an infection in the growth plate near the fetlock joint in his left rear leg. It is centrally located, so it has a good blood supply (which is why it is easy to figure it stemmed from the umbilical issue at birth) so systemic antibiotics should do the job. Dr Sam was fairly confident about that, so we decided to wait on any injections straight into the growth plate. Also, we cannot be sure that he doesn’t have an infection brewing in any other joints or growth plates. If we did the direct injection, it would require anesthesia and is pretty invasive, with risks of its own. He will be back next Saturday to re X-ray it. So he gets IV antibiotics once a day and another oral antibiotic once a day. Dr. Sam Wittlin really saved us here, and we are so grateful! He drove 2 hrs, one way, to see Rowdy. He was IMPRESSED with Rowdy’s good behavior and ability to submit to restraint. He adored his happy personality, and said he was exceptionally smart! Sam actually thanked me for the opportunity to work with Rowdy! He said he believes Rowdy will grow up to have a normal life
He also said that he is not worried about his back and that he will grow into it. He believes he got a small tear in the tendon across the left knee, but it is healing nicely. We will try no wraps, starting today, but he may still need one intermittently on the left front leg. The tendon is still contracted some and the drugs to help loosen that tendon would make his back ones too loose…and they are tightening more every day. He did say to use Equioxx for pain, despite the ulcer issue Rowdy is being treated for, as it is not as hard on the stomach. So he will get pain meds for the next few days for his rear fetlock that hurts from the infection.
When Dr Sam returns, we will also do a nerve block on Mea Ola. (next Saturday)
Thank you all for the contined prayers, shares, and donations for Rowdy…we have put everything we have into saving this little guy, because he just has such a strong will to live and enjoys life SO much! We cannot imagine life without him …he almost didn’t get a chance at all to taste sweet milk, feel the warm sun, or to know what love is. Much less romp and play and whinny… Ann

P.S. from Judy: If you would like to donate towards Rowdy’s care, please click the Donate button upper left on this page. Be sure to note it is for Rowdy. Thanks!

June 16, 2014:
Many of you have been following this little boy’s story. He just amazes me every day. From birth, it has been one mountain after another in his 25 days of life so far. But each day, he proves that he wants to live and fight. Not once has he lost his appetite or been depressed. He is a spunky boy, and if he hurts, he actually gets MAD about it! He is bright and happy despite all of the hurdles he has had to overcome. Today he is doing well after these procedures yesterday and the hock and fetlock are both improving. We have more lab work to do today, for a blood culture to just make sure we have him on the PERFECT antibiotics to help him fight this infection. Go Rowdy! Thank you all for sharing his story and helping when you can. We have used up funds fast these last few days ($1365) and will need at least one follow up visit and continued antibiotics.(His IV antibiotic alone for 8 days is 240.00. We are hoping praying that this is the last battle he has to fight. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. His humans are exhausted!

June 19, 2014: Rowdy update: He is improving steadily. No fever, the fetlock is greatly improved, and the swelling in the hock is gradually subsiding! Our battle now is ulcers. He is on conventional meds (Omeprazole, Ranitidine, and Sucralfate, with occasional Mylanta added) But, we are looking for ideas for other meds (maybe natural) to help even more, as his desire to EAT SAND and now shavings, is going to get him into more tummy trouble if it continues. So, please feel free to offer any suggestions of things that have worked for you that we may be able to try. Today, we will try no pain meds, as this just compunds the ulcer issue and he seems well enough to give a try without them. He is currently on two different antibiotics that go IV into the catheter that is still in place. I believe Dr Sam chose the right antibiotics, but we are still awaiting culture results to be absolutely sure. Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. Saving Rowdy has been one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life…the stress, worry, uncertainty. And one mountain to climb after another. No real sleep for almost four weeks, financial drain and the stress that accompanies that as well, because I have been unable to work these last few weeks, except just a few hours. But, I will tell you…he wanted to live and would not give up or give in, and that is what has kept us fighting so hard for him. Every hour that goes by with improvement is joyous for us and we can feel the stress lifting. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming, though. We need them and value them so much. Ann

June 19, 2014: Thank you all for the suggestions for Rowdy’s ulcers. We tried an ounce of Aloe Vera juice with a bit of Papaya nectar just after this. He thinks he is Superman, anyway!

June 20, 2014: Look! We made the local paper today! Thank you, Kathy Young. (Victorville Daily Press) Please keep sharing his story. Dr Sam will be here this afternoon and I should have an update later this evening. Right now, Rowdy is feeling great. He had 11 bottles his last time up and is taking a nice nap at the moment. Prayers and shares for our trooper, pretty please! Ann

June 21, 2014: This is our enemy, everyone! This is Rowdy’s biggest battle. The infection in the growth plate can be seen in the middle of the top two bones here. This is an xray of his left rear fetlock joint. The infection is at the back of the fetlock. His joint infection in the right hock is much easier to treat. This is a challenge and precisely why we need all of the help we can get…prayers, shares, positive thoughs. It is going to be a long battle, and today we will see who is winning. If this nasty thing is, then we have to rev up our army against it with more invasive treatment. But, we got this! Who says so with me?

June 22, 2014: He just enjoys playing without being so obsessed with eating sand…thankfully! (or I would be bald by now!)

June 24, 2014: Picture Video of Rowdy from 3 weeks to today (by E.J. Seifert)

Good morning, everyone! Rowdy says, “Howdy, I am fighting the battle of my life with this growth plate infection, and although my fetlock is swelling again and getting painful, I am not ready to give up! I want my bottles, I want to play (although sometimes it hurts), and I want to love on you!”

This is the face I see every time he is up and awake. Well, many other sweet expressions, too. He calls for bottle after bottle, and just wants to be a happy boy. The reality is that his fetlock is swelling and getting painful again. We just did the first perfusion 4 days ago. This means that we may have to go ahead with the bone screw to inject antibiotics directly into it. Dr Sam will be here, at the latest, tomorrow, to re evaluate, but either way, Rowdy needs another costly treatment. Without the treatments, the only option is euthanasia. As you can see from the many pictures and videos, and if you are watching him via the live streaming camera through, that is not an option for us, as he still has no idea how bad this infection is and is no where near giving up!

We are working on other fundraising ideas, but if you have not yet bought a candle, I am hoping you will today, because he needs the prayers, the funds, and the hope. Well, today, I need a candle too, because I cannot fathom the worst here, I just can’t imagine it! He is no where near giving up on this! We have worked tirelessly for over a month, fought and overcome one thing after another, and I will be damned if we will stop now. He has the best team in his corner, and I have all of the faith in the world that Dr Sam can help us beat this.

Please share our page here as it has all of Rowdy’s story in it. Please help us continue to help him and beat this infection with your prayers, shares, and if you can… please purchase a candle at our website If you send a prayer, please share!! I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

Chris, Ann, and Rowdy

June 26, 2014: This little guy has such a strong will to live and so much life in him! Dr Sam will be here this morning to tackle this growth plate infection. We are holding an auction to help with the cost, so please check it out. Again, we are asking for your prayers and shares, because we HAVE to save Rowdy! We have to kill this infection as his life and future depend on it. I will keep you all posted as to how it goes today. There are still candles available through our website to help as well.

Chris, Ann, and Rowdy

June 26, 2014 Update: 12:30 pm. Dr Sam is here, we are waiting for Rowdy to lay down for a nap. Then we will x-ray him again and get started. Cameras will be down until he is in recovery and waking up from anesthesia. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers this afternoon!

Still later on June 26, 2014: He is in recovery! He is so happy to wake up with Dad! Cameras back up and streaming!

Rowdy did amazing, once again, with anesthesia and waking up! We re x-rayed him and found that we do have slight improvement in the infection. It is now enclosed; however, Dr Sam is consulting with the best vets in the country for the next step in treating this. Today, Dr Sam used the opposite (inside) vein for an antibitotic perfusion. We will need more treatment directly to the growth plate, whether through a bone screw that we can inject into, or more perfusion. He is still on very powerful IV antibiotic injections (3x a day) and will be for a couple of more weeks. Dr Sam was amazed at his body condition and growth rate! We practically have to adjust antibiotic doses every day because, just like a foal with a mama, he grows almost hourly!

Thank you all so much for your support! We still have a battle, but we are gaining ground. We are in it for the long haul, who else can commit to seeing this through with us? Just comment, “All In” if you are, because Rowdy is, and WE are…I also know MANY of you are…but I want to know who is behind us… it helps me so much! It is so hard to keep going with no sleep for 5 weeks…the worry, the stress…and I have been home to take care of him for almost 5 weeks! And we have others to love and care for too! (video loading of some of them now). This has been a HARD hit on our pocket book and impossible to have done without the support you all have given!
Again, he is worth it all, but the support I receive from all of you, (words of encouragement, prayer, positive thought) really helps me to “keep on keeepin’ on”…and no matter what, we will not give up or give in, unless Rowdy does. That is so far from the reality of where he is or what he is thinking. He really thinks he is just a “normal” colt!

Thanks, TEAM MEAHOLICS, for the ideas, and the hard work so far, to put the candle idea together, the auction, and JUST WAIT FOR THE ROWDY PENDANTS. We got this! And thank you for being here to help make milk, feed him bottles, let us get a few hours sleep, donate distilled water, formula, help us clean, cook, etc! ( We have even been brought meals!) My gosh, we could not do this alone! We know we are so blessed! So is Rowdy…because of all of you!

With the deepest thanks,
Chris, Ann, and Rowdy!

June 27, 2014: He feels great this evening…and the last two times out….NO SAND EATING! He loves to pester the dogs, which are great sports, but it is time to keep them separated and for us to really work on getting him an equine buddy. (We have several to try and choose from,)

For those of you that don’t know, Rowdy’s condition with the growth plate in his left fetlock is called septic physitis. Foals with this condition usually have a poor to guarded prognosis. But, we have refused to accept that, because he is such a fighter and has such a will to just live and be happy.

And…..we received good news today! Dr Sam consulted with a vet in Florida that has a lot of experience treating foals with this condition. He sent her all of the x-rays and diagnostics, including what we have done, are doing, and where we were as of yesterday. She was very interested and phoned him after reviewing everything and said she was very optimistic about us beating this with Rowdy. He has a lot going for him, as he has the best care, the best support, and is healthy in every other way.

The down side is that we may need up to five (3 more) perfusion treatments. As I have said before, this will be a long battle. But, I am sure that we will look back on this one day and it will have felt like a small amount of time and effort to have grown and saved such an amazing horse as Rowdy. Keep those candles lit, the prayers coming, and keep sharing. Dr Sam will be here again Sunday to do another treatment and we are “all in”!

Love, Chris, Ann, and Rowdy

June 28, 2014: Our prayers have been answered! The infection is almost half gone now! He did great, waking up now…more later

June 29, 2014: This is our SURVIVOR one hour after his third treatment for his growth plate infection. Does he look like he is in shambles? Hardly! And, guess what? We are beating it!!! We are gaining ground on his infection that came with a “poor to guarded” prognosis! Why is that? well, TEAM ROWDY, that’s why!

If you do not know his story, it is worth the time to learn it. Search our page and you will learn it, or message us. Better yet, ask one of the folks that have lit a candle!

We have given everything to save him. We believed, we risked having faith….in ourselves, in him, in Dr Sam Wittlin, and in our supporters. Without the support, his life-saving treatments would not be possible. But this boy is special! He will not give in or give up! So, we risked it all to get the job done. It has, and is, paying off!


Today was his 3rd perfusion treatment for the septic physitis. The xrays showed THE INFECTION ALMOST HALF GONE!!!

We have at least two more costly treatments and another month of expensive antibiotics…so PLEASE keep sharing, caring, praying, and looking for ways to help him. Our next fundraiser for treatments will be coming up soon! Vidoes of his “Rowdy “personality, and never-give-up attitude, coming up. They were also taken tonight.

Go TEAM ROWDY! Will you join us????

Love, hugs, and celebration.

June 29, 2014: We are hoping for an army this week to help put down sod and put wire up on these panels. Can you believe it? After everything he has faced? He just keeps going like he is one, normal, liitle colt….GOD BLESS HIM!

Look at what Bucket Of Bolts has made for Rowdy! Thanks so much…can’t wait to hang it on his stall!

July 1, 2014:
Colts and boys! Rowdy does realize that Payton is more “his age” and does look to him for playtime. But, I really wish he could have another colt to play with. I am seriously considering a rescue of a mare and foal or maybe a weanling if we could get a sponsor for them. Or, if there is some kind person who would like to board their mare and foal here so Rowdy could have a playmate, that might be another option. Or, maybe we could foster a foal from another rescue? Even with a Nanny, he will miss out on rough housing with someone his own age.

Please share this post and we just may get an answered prayer, once again! (PS…the last part of this video is the stinkin’ cute!)

July 2, 2014: Welcome Rowdy’s new buddy, GASSTON! He is a 4 yr old BLM gelded, jack burro. We found him throught the nice folks at the Ridgecrest adoption center while looking for an orphaned colt. They suggested a donkey, as have several others, and told us about Gasston. He was gentled by and is only 30 minutes from us! He should be coming home to meet Rowdy this Sunday!

July 3, 2014: We have now stopped counting bottles as he is drinking a cup or two short of a gallon at each feeding! How do mares keep up? His next treatment is this Saturday and the fetlock is looking good! We are also hoping to be able to change to oral antibiotics. His foal halter is on the last notch on both sides already! Growing, growing, growing. And, I can’t wait to introduce him to Gasston!

July 5, 2014: Look, Gasston made the newspaper today! Very nice article with great updates about Rowdy, and the news that Dr Sam Wittlin will be hosting lameness examination clinics in our area soon! Thank you, Kathy Young, and Victorville Daily Press! We are so proud to have a BLM burro and thank you for doing such a great job gentling him!

July 5, 2014 update: Rowdy got to experience rain for the first time today. He LOVED it. I finally had to bring him in and dry him off. And, I am sorry to say that we had to postpone Dr Sam until tomorrow afternoon, because it appears that I may have broken my foot and need to go have it looked at. I dropped a heavy pipe-panel on it last night while making Gasston’s area, darn it!

July 6, 2014: Gasston is home! It is going great! They will be BFF’s in no time! Rowdy is not afraid, and Gasston is very patient, calm, and interested. More video and pics later. Dr Sam will be here this afternoon for Rowdy’s next treatment…and he is doing so well, that I am praying that this is the last one he will need. We shall see!

July 6, 2014 update: Cams will go down shortly, Dr. Sam should be here any time …. Prayers…I think this may be able to be the last treatment. But, we will need a follow-up with xrays to be sure after today. But, for the first time, I am looking FORWARD to seeing the xrays today!

Further update for July 6, 2014 update: Rowdy’s x-ray results were not as promising as we had hoped, however, there is improvement. We will definitely need another treatment and perhaps a change of antibiotics. Gasston and Rowdy are getting along well. I will post the X-rays as soon as Sam sends them to me, so you can all see as well

July 7, 2014:
Here is some video of Rowdy and Gasston this morning. Gasston is such a good sport! We are still just letting them get to know each other before putting them together. I am testing them both to see if there will be food aggression and/or dominance about food. Funny, Gasston is fine, but Rowdy does not want Gasston anywhere near him when he is getting a bottle. So far, Rowdy has been the only one to show any “dominance” about food. Gasston is such a good sport!

July 7, 2014 update: Rowdy update: Will you look at this? This is their first time together after about 10 minutes. They spent just over 24 hrs next to each other before this! Gasston is a saint, and absolutely perfect. He is smart enough to not scare Rowdy at this point. I am not sure that a MOM would have been so patient!!!! Love MY DONKEY, GASSTON! He has an endless supply of carrots for being such a GOOD sport! Rowdy should sleep well tonight!

July 8, 2014:
This was their second time together last night. Here you can see that Gasston does start to introduce the word, “No.” (Excuse me, Saint Gasston)

Um, does it get any better than this? First time together! Gasston is a Saint!

July 9, 2014: Here is the xray taken last Sunday, July 6th. As you can see, we still have a fight on our hands with this infection. We will be starting another fundraiser to cover the cost of his next treatment, so stay tuned for that, TEAM ROWDY….We can’t give up on this!

July 10, 2014: Good morning! Rowdy is taking his first look at his new yard! He says thank you, Ej, for the donation of sod. And thanks, Daddy Chris, for working so hard to get it down for me!

July 13, 2014: Rowdy, chapter 3….thanks, Kathy Young and Victorville Daily Press for keeping his story out there! Here is another great article from Kathy Young! It was in yesterday’s paper. Kathy also brough Rowdy a bigger halter and I will post pics with him in it today. We will be making his inside stall larger today. Dr. Sam comes for his next treatment today, and if all possible, we will get the other two cameras outback so you can see Rowdy on his grass and “meet” Gasston for yourselves! CLICK HERE TO VIEW ARTICLE

July 13, 2014: Here is St Gasston tonight. This video was taken after 20 minutes of Gaaston getting bombarded by Rowdy. At the end, you will see he tells Rowdy: “Enough!”

July 16, 2014: The great news is that we have about 70% improvement in his growth plate infection and I will post the latest xrays of that shortly. But, here is video explaining why he is also getting shockwave to the right hock. He had joint ill in that hock (caused by the same blood infection he had from the birth experience) and now it is bending in slightly. This is causing him to grow lop-sided, as his left leg is straighter and longer. Hence our need for continued fundraising for his treatments. One more perfusion and two more shock wave treatments. More on this later, as the little booger is calling for his bottle. Ann

July 16, 2014: These are side by side views. You can see MUCH improvement…but he still needs at least one more perfusion for this and it is scheduled for this coming Sunday. Stay tuned, as we need help to finish these treatments so he can just be a normal, healthy foal from here on out! Thanks, Team Rowdy!

July 16, 2014: OMG! Just came across this video of Rowdy right after he got up, by himself at about 5 hrs old (he was here for just 45 minutes at this point). We sent out requests for prayers and positive thoughts…and BINGO…he got up for the first time since he was born! BTW, don’t ever give corn syrup to a foal. I learned the hard way! He was so new that he did not have a name yet! Aw…he had a floppy ear still!

July 19, 2014: Rowdy was full of himself last night! Here you can see he is getting pretty fast and using his legs well. And what can I say about Gasston? Patient as summer days are long! Gasston even comes to the fence when they are not together to let Rowdy pester him!

July 20, 2014: We have made miraculous progress with what started out as a poor-to-guarded prognosis with the growth plate infection. Dr Sam is confident that this was the last perfusion needed! I will post xrays when I receive them. We are divising a special “shoe” to help Rowdy with the right rear leg issue, and performed shockwave. There has been improvement since the last treatment for his hock, and again, we expect a full recovery. The bad news is that our bill was $980.00 yesterday. However, what we have spent is nothing compared to what he would have really needed to survive if all of the circumstances had been different.

Please take a few minutes to read this outline of events, so you will understand that Rowdy is destined to be alive and he will do something great with his life. We do work with foster children and sexual abuse survivors. As a matter of fact, we will be doing a six-week program with Ft. Irwin this fall for Army women Survivors. I don’t want to speculate as to what sort of “special” job Rowdy will have in his future, because the sky is the limit for him!

Here is an outline of events and circumstances that help me to know, with certainty, that Rowdy is meant to be alive. And actually it kind of starts with Einstein! (A Starling I saved and have been raising.)

The week before Rowdy was born, my Vet employers had a dinner party at a restaurant in town for their son’s bday. The whole hospital crew and close friends attended. Well, I had been at work that day, so Einstein was in his carrier in my car. At one point, I excused myself and explained that I had to go out and feed Einstein. When I returned, Dr D was questioning me “Ann, WHY are you saving a BIRD?” I replied, “Because it is a life and it wants to live.” Simple and a no-brainer to me…but evidently it really made her think. She admitted to me a couple of weeks ago that it was that statement that kept going through her mind when they were called to euthanize Rowdy. Hence, the phone call to me that morning.

Next, if I was not a vet technician, there is no way this could have been pulled off. The IV catheters, sedation, plasma transfusion, IV fluids, umpteen million injections, the knowledge and experience of what to give for various problems…catching the bleeding ulcers, the research for his front leg issue when he was face planting, the wraps for that…but most important the “gut” to know when something is not right and address it ASAP.

If Chris and I were not together and I did not have his help, this could have never been pulled off. He had the ability to make his stalls, pick up everything needed, and has taken an equal part in his care physically (as well as being my “assistant” LOL).

If Dr Sam had not been willing to treat Rowdy, it would have all been over, because the only other option would have been a hospital, and there is no way we could have raised THAT kind of money. Not to mention the fact that Rowdy may have given up in a hospital setting, and may have even contracted further bacterias or disease since he has no real immune system.

And last, but in no way least…if we did not have the support from our admins, Meaholics, the new folks that jumped on board, our volunteers and friends that came to help. Well, Chris and I could have never pulled this off either.

So, I hope this helps you all to know, just like I do, that Rowdy is a special horse and destined for something special. We absolutely can’t give up and have to follow through with whatever he needs. I know we are all worn out…but just go back and remember this story when you think it is just too much! That is what I do.

Love to you ALL!

July 22, 2014: Here is some video of Rowdy today. We still have to spend the heat of the day in air conditioning, so I find various ways to try and keep him amused and busy. He has been introduced to all sorts of fun things, including the vacuum. He loves to be vacuumed, and has several toys to play with, including his water bucket, LOL!

July 24, 2014: Rowdy’s Auntie Barbara is visiting and took this pic of our handsome fella!

August 3, 2014: I can barely write this because of tears of COMPLETE joy and relief. I literally cannot stop crying! We have given everything and more! Team Rowdy formed, and BINGO…WE pulled off a miracle! The xrays are just unbelievable. I will post them when he can send them to me. We put off the shockwave today to the right hock, but he will need that last treatment in 2 weeks. Rowdy was doing so well, that Dr Sam wanted to extend the benefit of the last treatment. AND…only ONE more week of antibiotics! We will still need a few more follow-up visits with X-rays, and the last shock-wave…BUT…. WE (Team Rowdy) DID IT!!!! ROWDY DID IT!!!! I can’t stop crying tears of joy right now! (Pic is of Dr Sam tonight with Rowdy)

August 7, 2014: Rowdy shows just how great he is feeling!


Red Bucket Equine Rescue, located in Chino Hills, California, rescued 13 pregnant mares from the Fallon feedlot in Nevada.

Yesterday, two of those mares were delivered to Mea Ola’s Place.

These girls were in atrocious condition, dirty and starved. They are frightened and untrusting.

Barbara’s Gardenia, aka “Babs” is the dun and MOP’s Matilda, aka “Tilly” is a roan. They have NO idea what a carrot, treat, or even their soaked pellets are.

Tilly, the red roan, is estimated to be only three years old. She is not as insecure as Babs.
With loving care and healthy food, they will learn what love is and beome happy, healthy, and trusting as they, and their foals, have a second chance at life.

Thank you to Red Bucket for entrusting us with their care.

Please consider donating towards their care.


DATE October 17, 2013
Mea Ola needs help! Today, I came home from work to find her more lame than she has ever been. Her left front is so tired from bearing too much of the weight. Both back legs are swollen. Dr Sam has agreed to come and see her all the way from Mission Viejo. We talked history and he told me to start her right away on Doxycycline, which I am. Also, wrapped all four legs with linament. He believes he can help her and will be here Saturday, however the price tag is steep. We have set up a fundraiser for this. We just don’t have an extra thousand to do this. He suspected it would cost $700-800, plus whatever prescription shoes, blood work and new xrays, call charge from 100 miles away, sedation, etc. because even the shape of her right foot has changed since the last ones. If anyone can help, I sure would appreciate it. There is no other choice but to try him. I have exhausted all other options.
If you can help, please click on the Donate button to the left, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

DATE October 17, 2013 5:00 pm
This horse, Mea Ola, Survivor, was destined for something, I am sure of it. I just got off the phone with Dr. Wittlin (Sam). After reviewing xrays, video, and pictures I sent, he believes he knows what is going on. However, physical exam is what is needed to have his diagnosis in stone. There is good news and bad news.
Bad news first: This is serious and may require some extreme therapy and treatments. He believes that she is dealing with digital flexor contraction…not the kind that foals have when they are buckled over, but the kind that actually pulls the coffin bone upwards and why we see her so “down” in her pasterns and fetlock joints. The right is the worst, and he believes this is why she developed ringbone to start with. He spent over an hour explaining it to me, so forgive me for not being able to explain it all. Good news: 3 treatment options. Shock therapy first. Alcohol joint injections to speed up fusion (and because she is a brat, we would probably have to lay her down for those…under anesthesia, of course) and the $8000.00 surgery to fuse the joint faster…which is basically what was done to my neck. Regardless of the cost, I told him that I would not put her through that. There is one other injectable treatment that is still “experimental”.
The kicker is that he admitted to being “sucked in” by her story and is willing to help with his whole heart and mind and experience. He asked if he could use her as a case study for a presentation he has to give next May. The answer was, OF COURSE. I told him she was already famous, LOL.
I feel like I did those days when she was battling lamimitis and pregnant. So worried. So concerned. So afraid to lose her. I told him he was our last hope. I explained how many people love her and that we have to try whatever he recommends. Bad news: he agreed.
He will be here sometime Saturday afternoon. Time to set the prayers in motion, once again.

DATE October 18, 2013 10:56 am
Morning Mea Ola update: She is off her feed again due to ulcers from the meds, which makes it is difficult to medicate her. So, back to ulcer treatment and switching meds back to Previcox. Because we are at a critical point in this and her lameness, today we are doing a DMSO/Dex SP sweat on the right pastern and standing wrap for support on the left. I will update with pics later.

DATE October 18, 2013 12:00 pm
Ann update…Here is her sweat wrap. It has been on about 4 hours and it is helping.

DATE October 19, 2013
I had to go in for an emergency surgery at work this morning and didn’t have a chance to post, but Sam will be here about 2pm. Mea Ola is feeling pretty good today…although mornings are usually better for her. I do think the sweat wrap helped some. I am really excited and nervous, too. We will take lots of pics and video. Also, the folks are still coming to see Rosie, but it will be next Thursday at 3pm. Also go a call from some folks we met at the Horseman’s Center that are coming out tomorrow to give us a $50 dollar donation and carrots!!!

DATE October 19, 2013 11:59 am
Dr Wittlin will be here around 2pm. Thank you, Kayla, Alex, Kendra, and Lynda for all of your help yesterday. Mea Ola is feeling pretty good today, still sore of course, but the sweat wrap really seemed to help some.

DATE October 19, 2013 8:00 pm
Update: No wonder Mea Ola is hurting!!!! She has lesions on the Superficial flexor branches, both medial and lateral….Enlargement and lesions in the oblique sesamoid ligaments, deep flexor tendon pain….along with her high rinboone!! Today was treatment number one to alleviate pain and assist healing. She also has special meds for sweat wraps to that right front pastern (different meds for the front and back every day). Next treatment in one to two weeks. Thank you, Meaholics and DR Sam Wittlin. Thank you, Wendi, for the referral! Thank you to everyone that has donated. Today’s price tag: $1038.00!!! Two follow -ups for the tendons, ligaments (at about $560.00 each)….and on to the ringbone.

DATE October 20, 2013 2:30 pm
Mea Ola update: She is sore from the shockwave treatment today. It is more of a superficial soreness. She is bearing weight a little more on the right and the swelling has gone down a bunch in the left front. But, we were going to put the a special shoe on today and she is just too sore when we touch that leg (around her pastern), so Doc Sam said to wait a couple of days. She got a big kiss of support today from me and everyone who is here supporting us!

DATE October 22, 2013 8:32 am
Mea Ola is about the same this morning as yesterday morning. She was more sore last night. She does tend to be better in the mornings. I will sweat the front part of her pastern tonight, but am waiting for the meds to be delivered that I need to use on the back, and those should be here tomorrow.

DATE October 23, 2013 4:47 pm
Mea Ola update: She is pretty sore again today. The Surpass (meds) came in, so today we start that sweat. This is a hard, heart-wrenching road. The next couple of months will probably be up and down. But, we have to try! She deserves it. Mea Ola is one tough cookie!

DATE October 26, 2013
Mea Ola update
She is hanging in there. Wrapping every day.

DATE October 29, 2013
This morning Mea Ola was feeling so good that she was running around in her stall. I am hoping she didn`t hurt herself. She gets to feeling better and over-does it. I believe we will be doing her second shock-wave treatment Saturday and I am just waiting on the conformation from Dr. Sam.

DATE November 20, 2013 Noon
We will be doing more diagnostics on Mea Ola next week. It appears that her knee is now involved. Right now she is wearing standing wraps and is taking Previcox. She is a trooper and is enjoying her daily “extra” attention. I do not have to halter her for her wrap changes anymore at all.

DATE November 23, 2013
We have had ups and downs since treatment started, but she has really improved over the last few days. Now we just have to make sure she doesn’t over-do it since she feels better. She is walking better than she has in months. Thank you to everyone who donated to her medical fund! We spent that and a little more on diagnostics and treatments, as well as the medications for sweats (which continue). She also got special pastern boots and wraps for both legs. Next will be her special shoes….and we are hoping this forward progress continues!


Merlin spent his life as a succsesful show horse. Unfortunately, at the age of 20, he found himself slaughter-bound. He is such a joy to work with and is full of personality. He was shown in Country Pleasure, Western Pleasure, and as a driving horse. He is very decorated and, even 3 years ago, was still winning classes. He is a Registered Morgan gelding and stands 15 hands high. He is one of the ranch favorites and is beginner safe!


Sassy is maturing into a beauty! She should mature at 15.2 hands high and is currently about 14.1 hh. She is as smart as a whip and has learned walk, trot, canter, and whoa in the round pen. She still has about a year and a half until saddle training will start, but she will make an amazing jumper or Dressage horse. She is our beloved Sassypants and lives up to her name every day!







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